Today I learnt ordering Jekyll collections 👨‍💻

This site in built using the Jekyll static site builder, I wanted to order the Today I Learnt page so the newest are first. til is one of my Jekyll collections, this is the code I have in _includes/til-list.html to sort by date in reverse order:

<ul id="post-list">
    {% assign sorted = site.til | sort: 'date' | reverse %}
    {% for post in sorted %}
        <a href='{{ post.url }}'><aside class="dates">{{ | date:"%b %d %Y" }}</aside></a>
        <a href='{{ post.url }}'>{{ post.title }} <h2>{{ post.description }}</h2></a>
    {% endfor %}

Whilst aspiring to be an outspoken buffoon I’m no DHH, I only know a little Ruby and didn’t invent this technique, I originally found it on this gist.