I'm a freelance Web Developer based in London. This page shows some of my favourite recent projects.

I like building websites with Django, Node.js, PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript. I'm experienced in leading technical teams and setting up hosting solutions. I like servers a lot.

I'm available for freelance development and technical consultancy. Contact me if you're interested hello@petegraham.co.uk

TeamGB.com header screenshot


Official British Olympic Association website for London 2012.

My role involved technical project management, working with the client and team to plan releases, then overseeing the development team. I architected the build and did development on the backend and CMS. I also setup and configured the hosting solution which dealt with hundreds of thousands of unique visitors daily.

Mclaren 2012 F1 dashboard screenshot

McLaren Formula1 - 2012

Website for McLaren Formula 1 team: during a Grand Prix the dashboard displays live car telemetry and realtime comments from the team.

The next evolution of the website for the 2012 season. The goal was to achieve a more interactive Grand Prix experience for the user. Automation of previously manual systems due to new information available from the McLaren data feed.

A complex build as many different parts of the site were being worked on simultaneously. I oversaw the development, setting milestones and getting the team up and running with the test rig used to simulate races.

FavouriteQ header screenshot


A fun website which randomly posts a daily question to Twitter. People can answer on Twitter, a script polls the Twitter API for answers, then aggregates and displays the results on the site. People can suggest new questions which can be approved in the CMS.

I wrote the backend code and did the server setup for this project.

Multiple layer piechart graphic

Mindreader - Mindshare

Data visualisation piece for Mindshare, to showcase the information they gather from their surveys. We were given the challenge to showcase it in a way which is interesting and understandable to the person on the street.

My role involved the initial investigation into the raw data and its format. Then working with the creatives and developers to look into visual techniques to display this information.

human api tattoo video screenshot

Ballantines - Human API

Live video streaming Facebook app, which let the audience interact with performers by asking them questions via chat and voting in polls.

My role involved working with the 3rd party streaming and hosting company. I wrote the backend code and CMS as well as overseeing the other two developers on the project.

Mclaren F1 2011 dashboard screenshot

Mclaren Formula1 - 2011

Website for McLaren Formula 1 team: during a Grand Prix the dashboard displays live car telemetry and realtime comments from the team.

Evolution of the 2010 site with two goals; to make the data shown on the site more understandable to casual race fans and increase interaction with social media channels.

I led the development team and did backend development on this project.

Panto Karaoke screenshot

Robinsons Panto Karaoke

Record your own Pantomime Karaoke and share it with your friends.

My role involved the coding of the backend webservices and CMS, as well as working with the hosting company to get the site live.

McLaren 2010 screenshot

McLaren Formula1 2010 - The Race 1.0b

Website for McLaren Formula 1 team: during a Grand Prix the dashboard displays live car telemetry and realtime comments from the team.

I took over the project from the freelance team who developed it. A number of releases were made including a translation system, usability enhancements and stability improvements to the realtime telemetry systems.

ww2 history screenshot


Award winning World War 2 website produced for Historian and former Head of BBC TV History Laurence Rees.

Comcast Town

human api tattoo video screenshot

Online world where users could move into Comcast Town, buy and customise their flat by spending Comcast bucks and play games. Big build with lots of Facebook integration.


Outsider homepage screenshot

Website for film Production Company Outsider to showcase the work of their directors.